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  Since 2001 The Rhythm Dogs DJs have been dazzling audiences at corporate and private parties. Their long history of success has made them a popular choice in the world of mobile DJs.

     All Rhythm Dog DJs are professional musicians with at least ten years of experience, giving them the edge on music mixes. They custom package each music mix to meet the demands of the individual party.
    The Rhythm Dogs DJs use state of the art equipment, which includes a four speaker system - two pole mounted Toas and two EV bass speakers - powered by a Yorkville amp for a full, lush sound. An emergency backup system is present at all events and The Rhythm Dogs are fully insured.
     The Rhythm Dogs DJs also provide vocalists and musicians for ceremonies and cocktail hours, or simply to augment the DJs sound. Dancers, VJs, Classical Musicians, Big Bands, and Small Combos are also available.
     The Rhythm Dogs DJs credits include: Sony, American Express, NYC Ballet, MS-NBC, Johnson & Johnson, Gap International, Court TV, AT&T, The Supper Club, Nell's. La Bar Bat, Lola's, The Rainbow Room, The Manhattan Penthouse, Three West Club, MTV, Jay Leno, Tonic East, and Joshua Tree.​

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